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The Golf Town blog came into play as a way to move several successful digital programs over from Golfsmith. Unfortunately, the What’s in the Bag (WITB) PHP applications that I built for Golfsmith didn’t work on Golf Town’s server environment. Due to this, I made the suggestion that the WITB Pro Pages content be incorporated into the blog.

There was a rush to get the WITB Pro Pages plugin live before the 2017 Masters. Starting with the old Golfsmith blog on my own development environment, I had a contractor begin working on modifying the template to match Golf Town’s branding. I focused on getting the WITB plugin built out and set up full localization on the Golf Town template, once styling was completed. I coordinated with Golf Town’s IT staff to set up WPEngine hosting for the blog and then handled a portion of the MySQL migration to the new hosting location.

Golf Town Blog

Current Live Site


Major Canadian golf news sites have already started to partner with the Golf Town blog. By August, ScoreGOLF teamed up with Golf Town to announce their yearly Top 59 Canadian Golf Course Countdown. In addition, the blog nets over 28,000 views on peak traffic days.


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