Golden Spirits

Golden Spirits

About my Employment

Quick Facts

Timeline: 02/2010—06/2012

Position: Director of Creative and Interactive – Equity Partner

Starting Position: Freelance Designer and Developer

About the Employer: Golden Spirits, LLC is a start-up liquor company based out of Dallas, managing the private label brands Million Vodka, Whip’t Vodka-infused whipped cream, Tiger’s Sweat Corn Whiskey, and The Roc Whiskey.


  • Package concept and design for 10 different city-themed Million Vodka bottles, three flavors of Whip’t vodka-infused whipped cream, Tiger’s Sweat Corn Whiskey, and The Roc Whiskey
  • Coordinated with multiple distillery and bottling companies, throughout the US and Canada
  • Prepping bottle artwork for TTB approval
  • WordPress development
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP development
  • UX design/wireframing
  • Competitive analysis and digital trend research
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook contest app development
  • Interactive advertising
  • Print design, including posters, billboards, and POS displays
  • Event signage
  • Photo editing and color correction
  • Illustration/digital painting
  • Concept sketching

My Work

Million Vodka Bottle Design

When I began working with Golden Spirits, the owner planned to take his brand appeal nationwide by making each Million Vodka bottle design represent an iconic US city skyline. Million Vodka Bottle Designs

Lyfe Water by Amazon Juice Co.

Bob Weingarten, owner of Amazon Juice Company, developed Lyfe water. Since Lyfe is bottled at the heart of the Amazon, Bob wanted the brand identity to feel like the rainforest. In addition to this new brand identity, I designed the package concept. As a result, watercolor textures and bright colors support the brand tagline of

Whip't Alcoholic Whipped Cream

Whip’t Alcoholic Whipped Cream

Golden Spirits produced a private-label vodka-infused whipped cream with Temperance Distillery. I brainstormed multiple names and the owner chose Whip’t. Due to my excitement about the project, the owner gave me carte blanche on the branding and packaging. Since we discussed playing off of a 1950s aesthetic, I digitally painted a pin-up girl, named Miss

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