Stop Animation Unwrap Videos | Golfmas 2014 Social Campaign

Golfsmith wanted to go big on social for Golfmas 2014. Merchandising had come up with a last-minute list of daily gift offers, which became known as the Caddievent Calendar. During a brainstorm, a couple co-workers and I came up with the idea to do a stop animation unwrap video. Since Vine was approaching the peak of it’s popularity, we decided that a simple 6-second unwrap reveal would be the most eye-catching across social media channels. It was a tactic retailers hadn’t yet incorporated into their holiday campaigns. Additionally, research showed that Facebook’s news feed algorithm prioritized video content over text or photo posts.

The Caddievent Stop Animation Unwrap Videos

Concept Work & Preparation

This emergency brief came in November 19 and the first product reveal was on December 5. After my initial storyboard made it’s way up the chain, everyone got excited about the video idea, but was concerned about the timing. As a new interactive designer, I was eager to test my mettle on this concept I helped brainstorm. After rising to the challenge by my creative director (CD) to do a proof of concept, I got the ok to move forward for a small selection of products.

Final Videos

I had a wealth of help from the photo studio for lighting and the set and setting up the GoPro, while my CD assisted me with styling the shoot. I single-handedly did all production and post-production work. Shooting began with the opening unwrap sequence and Titleist golf balls. To save time, subsequent products were shot on green screen, then clipped frame-by-frame and added to the unwrap sequence post-production.

Titleist Pro-V1 & Pro-V1x Golf Balls

Frogger Golf Towel

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe


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