PGA Pro Sketch Videos | 2016 Tour Social Campaign

Golfsmith’s social media manager wanted to end the 2016 tournament season with a bang. He asked me to do some PGA Pro sketch videos for the 5 Players to Watch at the PGA Championship blog post, after seeing the Facebook response to one of my time lapse art videos. During my weekend, I illustrated portraits of each of the featured players, as well as a title card. In addition, I provided art direction to the photography studio on lighting, stage set-up, and video production. As a result of my planning and pre-drawing, we were able to wrap shooting in two and a half hours.

The PGA Pro Sketch Videos

The Results

Due to the new approach to content, the marketing department got a lot of recognition throughout the company for their innovation. Most noteworthy, PGA pro and fan favorite Andrew “Beef” Johnston retweeted the sketch video of him from Golfsmith’s Twitter. The tweet got a huge boost in organic reach and engagement, while also making Golfsmith look like they have their finger on the pulse of the pro-golf circuit.


Samantha Soper

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