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After the successful implementation of the Bluehost blog theme, I was referred to their sister company for the HostGator blog theme redesign. While the Bluehost project was more development-focused, HostGator’s team wanted full UX design, theme development, and implementation.

HostGator Blog Theme

First of all, I single-handedly took this project through UX design and development to final implementation in under six months. Significant improvements to SEO, schema markup, and customizability were the HostGator team’s most important objectives. Therefore, those requests were kept in mind throughout the design and development process.

Current Live Site

UX Planning

As a result of my blog questionnaire, I learned that their content manager was inspired by FitBit and Hubspot’s blogs. Additionally, they wanted a more modern look using colorful flat graphics, matching their new brand direction. They also liked board-style content blocks and subtle hover effects.

Sketch Concepts

Wireframe Mockups

Tools Used:

Samantha Soper

Creative and interactive problem-solver. Innovative, hardworking, and adaptive. Currently serving as an independent consultant for a variety of clients, including Bluehost, HostGator, and Infocyte. Passionate about content & UX. Loves learning, creating, and producing positive results.

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