What’s in the Bag? Pro Golfer Pages

What’s in the Bag? (WITB) pro pages were birthed from discussions between the e-commerce and content marketing teams. They wanted to bring major tournament outfits (scripting), Twitter feeds, and the equipment in the bags of selected pro golfers to the websites.

While they had featured simple tournament scripting landing pages in previous years, they needed my user experience and UI development expertise to pull off their idea. In total, the WITB pages represent the bags of 20 PGA and LPGA pros. Furthermore, the Twitter wall features live tweets from over 100 different pro golfers.

During major tournaments, the WITB pages are enhanced with a tournament scripting “What the Pros Wear” section, through coordination with select vendors. Additionally, this multi-layer PHP web application also deployed internationally on Golfsmith (US) and Golf Town (CA) in English and French.

What’s in the Bag? Pro Landing Pages

Current Live Pages

NOTE ON LIVE EXAMPLES: As of 11/4/16, Golfsmith is no longer conducting business and all associated websites are offline. However, you can check out the Golf Town Pro Pages plugin, which I used this PHP application to build.

2016 Tournament Scripting Sections

These elements were live on the Golfsmith and Golf Town sites during the 2016 Masters, US Open, and PGA Championship. While these sections only remain active on the page for a couple of weeks after the tournament, I captured screenshots to preserve my work.

The Results

As a result, during major tournaments, the pages drove huge traffic spikes and increased revenue for both brands. Due to marketing efforts around this application, our email team participated in a Lunch & Learn with LiveClicker at the 2016 Experian Client Summit.

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