Kettlebell Kings Character Concept Art & Illustration

When the art directors working with Kettlebell Kings put out a call for a figure illustrator on Facebook, I answered. The company was looking to enhance their social content with infographics of their workouts. My digital illustration and figure drawing experience was especially relevant for the gig.

The Kettlebell Kings Character

Concept Art & Model Sheet

First of all, I had to help them come up with the character concept for the figures. The client wanted a character based upon their logo, but with a comic book twist. Additionally, the art directors were inspired by the workout infographics on Deezify and vintage Charles Atlas illustrations. After a couple of rounds of proofs, the client agreed on the concept below.

Kettlebell King Model Sheet
Kettlebell King Model Sheet
Studies & Concept Sketch
Studies & Initial Concept Sketch
Early Character Proofs
Early Character Proofs

Kettlebooty Figures & Infographic

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Band Goblet Squat
Band Goblet Squat Illustrations

Curtsy Lunge
Curtsy Lunge Illustrations
Kettlebooty Infographic
Kettlebooty Infographic by School of Life Design

Kettlebooty Animated GIF


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