Golfsmith Home Page Enhancements

First of all, enhancements to the Golfsmith home page stemmed from several weeks of research I performed on the home page content strategy of multiple top retailers. From there, I highlighted common info sections between these home pages to concept the wireframe. I wanted to move towards the category- and content-based home pages trending in retail, so I removed several offer sections and introduced a couple of content features.

Golfsmith Home Page Progression

Since the start of my employment with Golfsmith, the homepage has changed drastically. Consequently, I assisted in the CSS development for updates made in late 2015 and led the redesign in 2016.

NOTE ON LIVE EXAMPLES: As of Friday, 11/4/2016, the Golfsmith website has been taken down. I am currently working on a partial migration on my own server. Currently, live examples are not available.

The Results

As a result of A/B testing, the newest version of the homepage produces significantly higher customer engagement and increased revenue. In conclusion, overall revenue has seen a steady increase since launch.


Samantha Soper

Creative and interactive force of nature. Innovative, hardworking, and adaptive. Currently manages web presence for Golf Town, serving Canada in English and French. Loves learning, creating, and producing positive results.

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