Hellas Hearts of Hope Charity Microsite

To launch the Hellas Hearts of Hope charity trip, members of the Hellas Construction team helped gather donations from family and friends. Most importantly, they needed an easy way to receive cash donations from vendors and other contacts. Due to this need, I built a one-page informational site explaining the mission of the trip. For this project, I built a simple, responsive microsite to collect PayPal donations.

Furthermore, I assisted in strategizing the donation campaign and logistically setting reach goals. These reach goals and donation levels helped sponsors visualize how they would be helping the village. Additionally, I wrote all copy for the microsite.

Through the money donated to the site, Hellas Construction was able to provide much needed school and medical supplies to the village of Jucuarán. Additionally, some piñatas and candy were purchased to make a fun day for the children. Most noteworthy, we were able to supply the village with clothing, toys, books, and other materials. These helped them getting through the upcoming holiday season and school year.

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