Hellas Hearts of Hope Photography

In an effort to help out the mountain village of Jucuarán, El Salvador, Hellas Hearts of Hope collected cash and in-kind donations to help make Christmas bright. Most of all, I had the privilege of joining on the trip to help document the experience as a gift to our sponsors. The children of Jucuarán start school in January, so the donations helped them start the school year off right. Additionally, we installed two brand new soccer goals donated by Hellas Construction.

To introduce ourselves to the village, we held a piñata day which was enjoyed by so many Jucuarán children. As word of our charitable efforts spread, neighboring villagers came to Jucuarán once donations arrived to receive toys, books, clothing and supplies. As you can see from the photographs, the turnout at the donation hand-out was phenomenal and locals helped us with unpacking everything.

Hellas Hearts of Hope photo gallery

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