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Started by Elizabeth Bentley, NeuSkin Austin performs organic, non-invasive dermatological procedures. In 2007, Elizabeth got her esthetician license from the Aveda Institute. Her unique approach works closely with each client to determine the cause of their skin problems. In addition, she engages in an in-depth consultation about the client’s insecurities and concerns. As a result, she delivers a soothing, effective and pain-free skin care solution.

About the NeuSkin WordPress Site

In 2010, I worked with Elizabeth to launch her website for her new small business. As NeuSkin grew, she reached out to me to add an e-commerce store to her website. In conclusion, she’s been able to offer organic skin care products for several years and has grown her product offerings.

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A NOTE ON LIVE EXAMPLES: I launched the original neuskinaustin.com site back in 2011, so it has since been redesigned. However, I collected the screenshots below while the site was still active. You can also visit the old site via the WayBack Machine, but it is an archived version so some data may be missing or non-functional.

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