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Nina Davis, MA, LMT is a biodynamic craniosacral and lymph drainage therapist. Located in Austin since 1996, she treats adults and children. Her gentle, touch-based therapeutic modalities move energy and fluid around the body. Most noteworthy, she was voted Best infant Craniosacral Therapist for three years by the Austin Birthing Community.

About Nina Davis’s WordPress Site

Nina contacted me wanting to expand her business online and spread the word about her small business. Furthermore, she wanted a unique user experience that highlights naturally-occurring fractals. As a result, each page features on a large, natural fractal and matching background. Blue and green menu themes correspond to the fractal image, as well, while a frosted glass pane displays page content. I built page subsections with jQuery tabs.

Current Live Examples

NOTE ON LIVE EXAMPLES: I built this site in 2013 and was not hired to maintain it.
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I collected these screenshots soon after I built the site.

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