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The Pro Pages plugin generates a WordPress (WP) custom post type for information about various PGA Pros. Each Pro Page contains equipment, apparel for major tournaments, and a Twitter feed.

This project was an effort to migrate my successful What’s in the Bag? (WITB) PHP application built for Golfsmith over to Golf Town. Due to inconsistencies between the two server environments, I rebuilt the application as a WordPress plugin on the Golf Town blog. Additionally, I worked closely with GT’s IT to initiate a hosting relationship with WPEngine.

Pro Pages Plugin WP

Current Live Pages Samples

UX Planning

Data Model

On the WP admin side, equipment and apparel items are added as repeatable field groups. When a Golf Town (GT) product URL is placed into a product URL field, a combination of AJAX and CURL pull the product title and image from the GT e-commerce site. This OOP plugin is i18n compatible, with French-Canadian l10n files.

Data Model with UX Wireframes
Data Model with UX Wireframes

2017 Masters Tournament Scripting Sections

These elements were live on the Golf Town blog during the 2017 Masters tournament. While these sections only remain active on the page for a couple of weeks after the tournament, I captured screenshots to preserve my work.

Tools Used:

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