Golfsmith International

Golfsmith International

About my Employment

Quick Facts

Timeline: 03/2014—present

Position: UX/UI Developer

Starting Position: Interactive Designer

About the Employer: Golfsmith International is the largest specialty golf retailer internationally. The company oversees operations of Golfsmith and Golf Town stores, serving the United States and Canada.


  • Liaison between E-Commerce, IT, Creative, and Marketing teams
  • Training new/contract web designers and developers
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP development
  • UX design/wireframing
  • Competitive analysis and digital trend research
  • A/B testing
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Interactive advertising
  • Print design, including billboards and gift cards
  • Video editing
  • Stop-motion capture
  • Flash animation
  • Concept sketching

My Work

Golf Town 2017 Spring Golf Look Book

Spring Golf Look Book 2017

Due to my speedy coding time, I was assigned to UI development for the 2017 Spring Golf Look Book by Golf Town’s (GT) marketing team. First of all, GT’s in-house studio designed the look book microsite’s UX and interface. After approval, the lead designer and I coordinated on the specifics of implementation and graphics delivery.

Pro Pages plugin on Golf Town WP Blog

Pro Pages Plugin on WordPress

The Pro Pages plugin generates a WordPress (WP) custom post type for information about various PGA Pros. Each Pro Page contains equipment, apparel for major tournaments, and a Twitter feed. This project was an effort to migrate my successful What’s in the Bag? (WITB) PHP application built for Golfsmith over to Golf Town. Due to

Golf Town Blog

Golf Town Blog on WordPress

The Golf Town blog came into play as a way to move several successful digital programs over from Golfsmith. Unfortunately, the What’s in the Bag (WITB) PHP applications that I built for Golfsmith didn’t work on Golf Town’s server environment. Due to this, I made the suggestion that the WITB Pro Pages content be incorporated

PGA Pro Sketch Videos

PGA Pro Sketch Videos | 2016 Tour Social Campaign

Golfsmith’s social media manager wanted to end the 2016 tournament season with a bang. He asked me to do some PGA Pro sketch videos for the 5 Players to Watch at the PGA Championship blog post, after seeing the Facebook response to one of my time lapse art videos. During my weekend, I illustrated portraits

Golfsmith Home Page Enhancements

Golfsmith Home Page Enhancements

The Golfsmith home page (HP) enhancements were an ongoing, constantly evolving project. Luckily, I had the opportunity to lead a huge overhaul of the strategy and design of the HP in 2016. Offer sections were cut. Content marketing sections and featured categories were brought in. And engagement and conversion increased because of it. Learn more

What's in the Bag? Pro Pages

What’s in the Bag? Pro Golfer Pages

What’s in the Bag? (WITB) pro pages were birthed from discussions between the e-commerce and content marketing teams. They wanted to bring major tournament outfits (scripting), Twitter feeds, and the equipment in the bags of selected pro golfers to the websites. While they had featured simple tournament scripting landing pages in previous years, they needed

Golfsmith custom clubmaking widget

Custom Clubmaking Widget on Golfsmith

Through collaboration with Golfsmith’s Information Services team, the Custom Clubmaking module moved from a standalone page to a seamless integration within the product pages. Initially, the form was built to feed into a table-based layout. As a result, I cleaned up the PHP code to output HTML in line with more modern standards and IS

Golfmas billboards

Golfmas Billboards 2015

Due to my previous billboard experience, Golfsmith picked me to work on the 2015 Golfmas billboards. This billboard displayed in Houston and Austin in front of a couple of their most popular stores. In addition, I created an animated billboard for the Myrtle Beach Int’l Airport. Animated & Static Golfmas Billboards

Golfmas gift center 2015

Golfmas Gift Center 2015

Each holiday season Golfsmith and Golf Town features their top gifting options on their Golfmas gift center landing page. Since I had taken over all UX duties by the end of 2015, the gift centers became my responsibility. Golfmas Gift Center Screenshots NOTE ON LIVE EXAMPLES: As of 11/4/16, Golfsmith is no longer conducting business

Golfsmith blog

Golfsmith Blog on WordPress

The Golfsmith blog was an effort to bring Golfsmith to the content marketing forefront and to direct social traffic towards the website. First of all, I researched and created wireframes of the best option for the blog layout and content organization. In addition, I set up the blog, installed the appropriate plugins, and developed the

Golfsmith Fair-Way landing page

Golfsmith Fair-Way Promise Page

Guarantees and brand equities play a huge part in gaining customers’ trust. Hence, the Golfsmith Fair-Way promise was created. In an effort to communicate this, the Fair-Way promise needed to live on the website. Since there were 4 tenets, I used the jQuery-UI accordion to hide the details so the customer could focus on the

Father’s Day Gift Cards 2015

I was asked to concept and create the 2015 Father’s Day gift cards, due to my assistance brainstorming the 2014 holiday gift cards. After leading a group brainstorm, I created over 15 concept sketches to illustrate my teams’ ideas. Additionally, I built a prototype case for the toolbox concept out of floral foam, but the

Mother’s Day 2015 e-Gift Cards

About this Project Concepted and art directed the photoshoot for the 2016 Mother’s Day gift cards. These cards were used again for Mother’s Day 2016.

Golfmas 2014 Billboard

Golfmas Billboards 2014

Due to my animation experience, Golfsmith asked me to create the billboards for Golfmas 2014. This billboard displayed in Houston, Dallas, and Austin in front of their most popular stores. In addition, I created an animated version for the Myrtle Beach Int’l Airport. Animated & Static Golfmas Billboards

Stop Animation Unwrap Videos | Golfmas 2014 Social Campaign

Golfsmith wanted to go big on social for Golfmas 2014. Merchandising had come up with a last-minute list of daily gift offers, which became known as the Caddievent Calendar. During a brainstorm, a couple co-workers and I came up with the idea to do a stop animation unwrap video. Since Vine was approaching the peak

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